Hello, I'm Dominic Anderson

My son Dominic is 10 years old and was born with Cerebral Palsy. We have received support over the years for equipment he needs, and growing assistance from the NDIS. Dom is unable to walk and has very limited use of both arms. He is bright and doing well at school. However as he gets older, he has a growing awareness of what he is unable to do on his own. He is tall and though thin, he's heavy to lift into and out of the car to get him to and from school, other activities that he likes, and Doctor’s Appointments.


We are unfortunately not yet able to afford a large enough vehicle that could be converted to allow him to be lifted into a vehicle while on his wheelchair. We’re trying to raise enough money to purchase a vehicle that the NDIS could arrange to convert for disability use. It would mean the world to us to have Dominic’s sense if independence and confidence grow with the freedom, ease, and safety, of wheelchair accessibility to a van or utility vehicle.

Thankyou in advance for hearing our story. We will be forever grateful for whatever contribution you might make. Now, Dom wants to share some of his thoughts and wishes:

“Hi, my name is Dominic & my best friend is EVO my scaly breasted lorikeet - he is my best friend because I met him in Darwin. By the way I sometimes like to tell big stories because I have a big sense of humour.

I love playing my Xbox and iPad, watching movies, WWE wrestling (I love to practice my wrestling and have mastered my own finishing moves). I am very inquisitive and ask lots and lots and lots of questions about everything. I have lots of friends at school and have a very vivid imagination which allows me to travel many places. Recently when I went to Brisbane to visit my Nana, my cousin Nic and I went to China every day without leaving the front bedroom. When I was there I also taught my Nana all she ever wanted to know and more about WWE wrestling which helped her to answer a question on Millionaire Hot Seat one afternoon.

I am in Grade 5 at Kirwan Primary school, but I love school holidays the most. When I grow up I want to go to University and build robots like in the movie Real Steel or maybe be a pilot. By the way I forgot to mention I have Cerebral Palsy that’s why I’m asking for help so we can buy a new car.

I am not fussy but I would like a blue car with tinted windows, air conditioning (so I can travel home in summer without sweating because I live in Townsville), have a stereo so I can listen to Ed Sheeran who I have the same coloured hair as, a cup-holder for my Frozen Coke or Frappe, personalised number plate saying EVO07 and also one that I can ride in while sitting in my wheelchair.

If I was ever so lucky to maybe one day have my dream car the first place I would like to go is school ha - ha just kidding. Maybe the Strand Water park or take EVO on a holiday down to my Nana’s place.

I asked my family to write a something about me….

NANA - My beautiful grandson Dominic has Cerebral Palsy. He is a bright intelligent boy who has loads of personality and in my opinion just needs the chance to reach his full potential. Please help him achieve that goal.

Big Lily (Helen) and Barb - Dominic is a bright, curious and engaging boy whose horizons would be immensely broadened if he had easy transport adapted to accommodate his wheelchair. Many more chances to go and do what he’d love to do.

Aunty Emma -When I saw Dominic play soccer for the first time, I was overwhelmed with emotions; pride, joy, amazement….As Dominic hopped around on his knees, then elevated himself up with his good arm/hand he somehow flicked himself around and kicked the ball with the top of his knees BOOM the ball went flying. I knew then that Dominic has no limits only the limit that people will put on him

Aunty Jane & Uncle Garry – Our nephew Dominic is one very Special young man. Dom has a huge heart and lots of love to give everyone. Dom is very considerate of others before himself (he likes to make sure that his Mum is always ok).Dom has an infectious personality and you are easily drawn to him.

_Dom is very into wrestling & has quite a few special moves, which he loves to show us when he visits. Having CP has not limited him in his passion of wre_stling .If anything it has shown us that Dom has no limits & will achieve great things.

Ivy (17) - Dominic is one of a kind. The most amazing soul. Always happy and brining joy to everyone. Most of all he has an amazing personality and deserves the best in life. He has had it rough but in the end the kid never gives up. Always putting a smile on his mother’s face and everyone else.

Kurtis (14) –I don’t get to see Dominic very much but I can tell you one thing he is the funniest kid I have ever met. He always makes me laugh and is the best cousin I could have asked for.

Nicholas (11) – Dominic is a very funny, happy handsome