Hi, I'm Finlay Mair

I was diagnosed with a genetic condition called Spinal Muscular Atrophy, commonly known as SMA when I was 18 months old. SMA is a rare inherited disease resulting in the loss of nerves in the spinal cord and weakness of the muscles connected with those nerves.


The muscles most frequently affected are those of the neck and trunk that control posture, those of the legs and arms that control movement and those of the area of the ribs that help breathing. There is no known cure for SMA and 1 in 35 people carry the gene.

I was fortunate enough to be classified as a type 3 due to being able to walk, however I lost that ability around 6 years of age and require the use of my wheelchair to get around. I struggle with respiratory at night and use a breathing machine to help. In the near future I will need spinal surgery to help with scoliosis. I rely heavily on the support of my family to toilet, shower and help manoeuvre my way around this world.

I have weekly hippotherapy sessions and attend hydrotherapy twice a month. My mum and dads aim is to keep me as mobile as possible. I love to swim and attend disabled surfing 3 times a year, go fishing (I never catch anything) and playing Xbox! I will never run at school sports days, climb a mountain or ride a bike with my friends but in spite of my limitations, I have a happy outlook on life and a bright future (as a professional gamer!)

My parents hope to raise money to assist us in funding a stand to sit Powerdrive Wheelchair.**

This wheelchair will allow me to weight bear on my legs for bone growth and to help with the curvature of my spine. As I get older, a stand to sit wheelchair will allow me to stand just like the other kids, communicate with my peers and socialise at their height. It will give me a greater freedom of movement and independence.

Mum and Dad say they are blessed to have such a happy boy and I am here to teach people that they should be grateful for the life they lead and never take it for granted. My family and I thank you for taking the time to read my story. Your support and generous donations will go a long way to helping me live my life to the fullest.

Big hugs and kisses from Finlay xo

If you would like to know more about my condition please contact
my mum and dad (Lyndsey & Graeme) at: [email protected]