Hi, I'm Jorge Welch

Jorge is a beautiful little boy with a gentle and loving soul, who touches everyone he meets. Jorge is 11 years old and faces more challenges than most, yet he does it all with a smile.


Welcome to Jorge from Jimboomba’s Sunshine Butterflies fundraising page!

Jorge has multiple and complex disabilities including; severe drug resistant epilepsy-that we treat using a modified ketogenic diet, intellectual impairment, ASD, global developmental delay, non verbal and incontinence. Every day living for Jorge presents obstacles, frustrations and physical difficulties for him to overcome. He suffers regular injuries from being unsteady on his feet and from the seizures he endures. He requires constant supervision because he is unaware of his own safety and/or mortality.

We know Jorge will depend on us, his parents, to care for him and to attend to all his activities of daily living for the rest of his life. Because of the complex nature of Jorges needs we recently decided to sell our home and build a specially modified one to accommodate these needs now and into Jorges adulthood. We want nothing more than for Jorge to spend his vulnerable life in an environment that is safe, appropriate and tailored to suit his specific emotional and physical requirements.

This process of building a modified special needs home is very expensive and it has incurred additional costs of between $80k to $100k to all of the quotes we’ve had done. It’s a huge amount to come up with for our family, but it’s a challenge we won’t back down from. We WILL make this happen!!!! We all deserve the right to raise Jorge in his own home surrounded by people who care for and love him. We refuse to relinquish his care and burden the already overstretched disability support system, to do a job that we could do so easily ourselves, in the right environment.

We have been unable to access funding to help with the additional costs of our build, so we are turning to you, our community, for help. Do you think you could help us achieve this dream? Do you know anyone else who would support us in this goal? Do you want to be a part of something absolutely life changing for a child who deserves a wonderful life? Would you like to help us give Jorge the best life possible?

If you’d like to know more about Jorge please visit and join his Facebook page “Jimboomba Jorge”. Additionally you can keep up to date with the progress of the build once it begins and learn about all the wonderful ways we will be enriching his life through the support you so generously give.

Please help Jorge if you can and know that you will be making a difference in very special child’s life.

Any donations received will go directly towards supporting the modifications for the build and supports specific to Jorges ongoing care.

Bless you and many thanks!