Hello, I'm Kaleb MacMillan

Kaleb is a 28-year old, energetic, fun and very kind member of Sunshine Butterflies.


Kaleb brings so much joy and laughter to everyone he meets. He loves music, socialising, making new friends and joking around. He has the greatest sense of humour and is always up for a good laugh.

Kaleb is a very independent guy who loves to get out and about, attend social events, meet up with friends and just live as close to normal life as he can.

This year, Kaleb is taking a huge step in his life and moving into Supported Independent Living Accommodation for the very first time. He is extremely excited about achieving this milestone he has been dreaming of for so long.

Kaleb enjoys freedom. Just like anyone. And to be able to access his everyday activities he requires transport. Kaleb is reaching out to anyone who will help him to fundraise for a new van which will be suitable to transport him and his chair to his day programs, appointments and daily life tasks.

His current van is at the end of its life, very damaged, uncomfortable and unreliable.

An accessible van is the only thing getting in the way of Kaleb living a fulfilled life, just like any 28 year old.

Unfortunately, the NDIS does not cover the expense of purchasing a van or alternative transport options, however, Kaleb does have funding to be able to modify a regular van to be accessible for him.

So the only thing stopping Kaleb from achieving his goal of living a life of freedom is the purchase of a new van!

Can you please help Kaleb to achieve his goal? It would mean the absolute world to him.

Your kind support and donations are so greatly appreciated and will make a huge difference to Kaleb’s life.