Hi, I'm Nolan Rooms

Hi, my name is Nolan and I’m a happy 6-year-old boy from Townsville. I was born 3.5 months premature. My brain suffered from oxygen starvation, which resulted in a long-term diagnosis of spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy.


To give me the best chance of an independent life, my parents have engaged me in regular therapy since I’ve been 1 year old. Because of that I have come a long way. My biggest achievements so far are that I’m able to talk, eat and drink whatever I want with help, roll over and sit myself up for a couple of minutes. I also just received my first electric wheelchair and I’m learning how to drive it.

In October last year I underwent a stem cell transfer to hopefully fill the gaps in my brain that occurred after I suffered from oxygen starvation.

Now my parents are trying to fly me to Cyprus to do a 4-week Ozone therapy in combination with specialised UV and Magnetic therapy plus daily personal training to stimulate my oxygen metabolism and build new pathways in my brain. For that reason, my parents and friends are currently trying to raise $15,000.00.

Even though both my parents are working it is nearly impossible for us to save up the cost for all my treatments and that’s why we are asking for your help to raise the funds.

YOUR DONATION will make more of a difference than you could possibly imagine and our gratitude has no end.

To follow my progress and/or to contact me and my family please like my personal Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/nolanwillwalk

Thank you!